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About Us

  TERMAKSAN whose foundations were laid in 1985, has manufactured, maintained and repaired many machinery especially agricultural equipment since its establishment. In addition to the production of multi-purpose machines and components in the sectors we serve, we can also provide design, projecting and production services with our years of knowledge and experience.

  Termaksan acts with a sense of responsibility, covering every activity from the first design stage to installation and usage procedures, in every machine it manufactures in a wide range of innovative products. Since its establishment, it has been guaranteeing to produce “Robust and Reliable” machines that will be satisfied for its customers for many years

  We would like to be a solution to your sectoral needs with our wide range of machinery as Termaksan.

Our Missions

In the sector in which we operate to provide added value to our country by bringing the quality to the highest level.

Our Vision

To be one of the best and innovative companies among the machinery industry companies serving worldwide


Our company provides spare parts production, repair, modification and maintenance services to many brands in the field of both agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

Agricultural Machinery Group

Construction Machinery Group

Contact us to realize your special projects, troubleshoot and maintain your machines.

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Special Application Crane Systems

Tile Spin Machine

Press (25,50,100 Tons) With A Capacity Depending On The Need

Press (25,50,100 Tons) With A Capacity Depending On The Need

Dosing Machine

Keystone Vibration Band

Noodle Production Machine

Cotton Spraying Machine

Cotton Hoeing Machine

Pedestal Crane

Tomato Hoeing Machine

Solar Collector with Parabolic Corrugated Solar Tracking System (1st Prize in R&D Project Market)

Keystone Packaging Robot



Batıkent Mah. Evren 3.Cad No:10 Eyyübiye/Şanlıurfa


+90 533 260 63 06